Hosting – Domains – Backups



For its clients, Profit Gate Web takes care of the complex work of acquiring a domain, setting up a hosting account, uploading files to the website, and managing the site in the future.

Since 1999, PGW has managed its own servers, to insure clients the best hosting possible. Our web servers and technical team are located in Orlando, Florida in a “hardened facility” with diesel backup power, multiple Internet carriers and high security. All hosting includes free backups daily and 24/7/365 service when you need it.

If you are interested in our hosting services, give us a call: 727-585-3850.

PGW is partnered with:

  • Go Daddy – domain names
  • HostDime – global data center provider
  • Carroll-Net – off-site business computer backups


Profit Gate Web is a partner with Wild West Domains, (GoDaddy’s re-seller division), and sells domains at only slightly more than its wholesale cost. This is usually less than GoDaddy itself charges.

If you are interested in a new domain name, or in having us manage your existing domain, give us a call: 727-585-3850.


Backup Your Office Computer(s)
From $9.95/mo.

If you are interested in a data backup service, give us a call: 727-585-3850.

For More Information - Call (727) 585-3850